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Rose Chapel College is a private, non-profit advanced education institute training professionals in Theology, Agriculture and Medicine for the Church and Gospel life. The school does not maintain a web presence.. Please address enquiries to PO Box 667, Yellville, AR  72687  USA - Thank you.


"Curenado's Kitchen" Fundraiser for Ozark Animal Sanctuary

SOtEM Senior Health Officer Dr. Karl Buchanan's ongoing compilation of remedies, how-to's and recipes from multiple sources for everyday people in tough times.

Learn about Essiac, Animal remedies, Shelter stocking, Mushrooms and More! This work in progress will become a standard textbook when complete - donations now receive the current version and updates.


To order your PDF copy (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) send donations ($20 sugg.) via paypal to or mail to


Ozark Herbs

PO Box 667

Yellville, AR 72687